The Bong (Staff or Bo Staff)

The bong as it is called in Tang Soo Do, known as a bo staff in other martial arts, is derived from farm implements such as a hoe, rake or brush which would have been used as a weapon by farmers to protect themselves against attack. The staff is a very effective weapon with a long reach and is devastating in experienced hands.

In Tang Soo Do we do not start to learn the staff hyungs until Brown belt (4th Gup).

There are many staff hyungs, but the three basic hyungs taught in Tang Soo Do are referred to as:
Bong Hyung Il Bu - Brown Belt (4th - 3rd Gup)
Bong Hyung E Bu - Red Belt (2nd - 1st Gup)
and Bong Hyung Sam Bu - Cho Dan Bo

Advanced bong forms are taught from Cho Dan onwards:

Shi Bong (Cho Dan & Above)
Bong Hyung Sah (E Dan & Above)
Whip Staff (Sam Dan & Above)

The picture above shows a wooden bo staff and a modern graphite staff which can be separated into two sections for portability.