Knife - Dan Gum

The dagger, knife, tanto or dan gum as it is called in Tang Soo Do, is used in self defence techniques and also for performing a hyung. Four examples of knives used in Tang Soo Do are shown here:

The first is a traditional association style single edged tanto with a handle bound with cord. This has a sharp edge and is no longer used by Tang Soo Do practitioners.

The two knives shown above are wooden training weapons, traditionally used for practice of self defence and hyung. These are still used by Dan Grades for practice.

This is the knife currently used by Tang Soo Do practitioners; made from aluminium with no sharpened edges, to make a knife as safe as possible, yet keep the weight and shape of the original. These knives are produced in England especially for the association, under the guidance of Regional Director Master M.Khan.

The final picture shows a rubber training knife used by most students for the practice of knife techniques.

The knife hyung taught in Tang Soo Do is known as Dan Gum Hyung.