The events for the coming year 2019 are all listed in the schedule which is available using the following link.2019 Schedule (pdf file)

Entries highlighted in green are open to Cambridgeshire students to attend, any entries in yellow are the area Gup and Dan testings.

We have many events in the coming year of 2019 all of which are open to World Tang Soo Do members, some of the more loacal events are listed below.

Special Events and Competitions

On February 9th We have our National presentation class which is held at St Ives Leisure Centre from 1pm to 5pm. Afterwards thyere is a Masters celebration dinner held at the Spiceland Buffet Restaurant, Sawtry. See the schedule for futher details.

April 27th A Fundraising Seminar in Cherryhinton.

May 11th a National Championship in Nottingham.

(Not so local) November 23rd a Regional Championship in Ebbw Vale.

For our regular class timetables, please see the classes page.