Sword - Jang Gum

The Sword, or Jang Gum as it is called in Tang Soo Do is not taught until 2nd Dan. Three examples of swords are shown below:

The first picture shows the association sword which has an aluminium blade, these are produced in England under the guidance of Master M. Khan.

The middle picture shows examples of wooden bokkens which are used mainly for practice.

The last picture shows a traditional Samurai sword which would most likely have a sharp blade.

We now have three sword hyungs in Tang Soo Do, since the introduction of two shorter sword forms by the association:

The following pdf files provide further information about sword techniques:

Basic Sword Cutting

Sword Cutting

Sword Practice Techniques (for two people)

The association may in the future allow 1st Dans to practice basic cutting exercises towards the end of their three years as a Cho Dan, in preparation for learning the first sword form.