Walking Stick - Ji Pan Gi

The walking stick, or Ji Pan Gi as it is called in Tang Soo Do is not taught until the latter part of 3rd Dan. The walking stick is one of the few weapons which can be carried legally but once used it becomes a weapon no different from a staff, knife, or sword.

There are many designs of walking stick available to buy, even those used by people as a walking aid can be used to practice the walking stick hyungs.

Ideally the walking stick should have a crook large enough to go round the neck, which will also make it safer to train with. Also available is a handle to turn part of a two part Bo Staff into a walking stick, developed by Master M Khan.

A typical Ji Pan Gi is shown here:

We now have two walking stick hyungs in Tang Soo Do: Ji Pan Gi and Ki Cho Ji Pan Gi. A number of other patterns/hyungs exist, one of which was brought back from a Master's clinic by our Masters and is being taught at E Dan.