Cambridge & Impington Tang Soo Do

Currently classes have been suspended at IVC due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place.
We do however still continue to train on Zoom.
Please contact us if you are interested and wish to join our classes

A little bit about us......

Impington Tang Soo Do Club was formed in June 2001, and is a part of Great Britain Tang Soo Do, in Region 11 of the World Tang Soo Do Association. The classes are taught by Master M. Allen (5th Dan) and Master L. Allen (4th Dan), both licensed instructors in Tang Soo Do, first aid qualified and DBS checked.

Classes are taught in a formal style and consist of a warm up, drills for hand and foot combinations, pad work, hyungs, one step sparring, self defence, free sparring, and weapons. Tang Soo Do is a semi contact martial art with the emphasis on focus and control. All competitions are non contact

Tang Soo Do classes are for adults of all ages and juniors from 8 years upwards. Our clubs are family orientated with an emphasis on discipline and respect.

New students are always welcome - your first three lessons is free, just come along to any of the weekday classes listed above. No special clothing is required for beginners, just wear something comfortable for exercising such as jogging bottoms and a T shirt. please send us a text to let us know you are coming on 07944078007.

If you need any further information, please contact us.

Purpose of Tang Soo Do........

The Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do has many benefits to offer, far beyond the first opinions people may have of a martial art. It will enable you to protect yourself, but much more than that it will develop your mind, body and spirit as a whole. It will improve your physical fitness, awareness and lifestyle. In todays society many will say there is a lack of discipline, a lack of respect for property, for others and oneself. All of these things are fundamental to a traditional martial art, without them it would not survive. At Cambridge & Impington Tang Soo Do Clubs we strive to maintain an atmosphere that embodies all of these things, so that for the time that you train, you are part of our way of life.

What can you gain from it......

It is an opportunity for children to benefit from physical development, develop co-ordination, confidence, self esteem, balance and self discipline. This will benefit them in both their school work and their social interaction with others. For the time that children train with us they are surrounded by a natural order and discipline, this is not forced upon them by shouting or chastisement, but by a mutual respect shown to all students by others. Respect is something that you earn and cannot demand, unless you are shown some respect you will not show respect to others. This is where learning in a martial art differs from learning at school or in the home.

For adults along with all those mentioned above, we offer the chance to become fitter, to build confidence and to relieve and control the stress of your life. You can also gain improved concentration, self discipline and self esteem.

No matter who we are our delicate egos constantly need assurance, positive affirmations and a realistic appraisal in a constructive manner, this builds self esteem. Enthusiasm means (the spirit within), enthusiasm is contagious and in our classes we try to stimulate people emotionally, create an excitement, and an atmosphere where there is a willingness to learn and be taught.

More about Tang Soo Do.........

Our belt and grading system is designed to grow an achievement orientation in people and to believe in their own abilities and potential. Confidence building is a natural part of Tang Soo Do. Success builds success and we try to ensure that success and achievement take place. Learning leadership and communication capabilities helps to avoid peer pressure and allows you to Just Say No.

As with education learning Tang Soo Do promotes diligent study habits, rewards achievers with certificates of achievement from our Association and maximises ones physical potential by developing coordination, endurance and balance. In a civilised society, education fosters the power of the mind, articulating oneself out of a confrontation, using your head not just your heart, being diplomatic. The martial artist practices the art of defence and the need for controlling the situation.

World Tang Soo Do Association Clubs are built around families, where people both young and old can train together with a common aim. Come along and experience it for yourself.

You can attend a lesson once or twice a week until you decide whether it is something you wish to continue. We have lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays at Impington Sports Centre. Contact the Club Instructors, Master M & Master L Allen on 01354 692378, mobile 07944 078007 or 07787 552118 or visit our website on .

Class Timetable

Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.00pm All Grades Impington Sports Centre, CB24 9LX (map)
Tuesdays 8.00 - 8.30pm Brown belt & above Weapons Impington Sports Centre, CB24 9LX (map)
Fridays 6.30 - 8.00pm All Grades Impington Sports Centre, CB24 9LX (map)