Tying Your Belt ("Dee")

Click here for a printable pdf version of these instructions.

  1. Fold your belt (Dee) in half with the ends together to find the centre.
  2. Place centre of the belt on your stomach, then wrap both ends around the waist.
  3. Cross the ends over behind the back.
  4. Bring ends round to front.
  5. Cross the end in your left hand over the end in your right hand.
  6. Switch hands on your belt ends, then take the end in your right hand and pass it behind both the layers of belt around your waist.
  7. Pull the ends apart to tighten.
  8. Take the top end that is in your right hand and hold it out in front of you and to the left.
  9. Take the end in your left hand and bend it under to the right, then over the other end, down and through the hole to make the knot.

Pull both ends tight with a couple of pulls. Note you have just made a square knot - pull the ends down to see that they are even.

Note: Your belt is NOT to be washed at any time.