Master Mike Allen

Master Allen started training in 1993, after his son developed an interest in Tang Soo Do. Rather than sit and watch he decided to join in: now some years later, along with his wife he instructs the classes at Impington and Cambridge.

Master Allen is an I.T.Technician whose main interest, after his family and work, is Tang Soo Do.

Mr Allen attained his;
Cho Dan (1st Dan) in 1997,
E Dan (2nd Dan) in 2000,
Sam Dan (3rd Dan) in 2005,
Sah Dan (4th Dan) in 2012
Oh Dan (5th Dan) in 2018
Master Allen was presented with his 4th Dan Masters Belt at the 2013 European Championships in Munich. His 5th Dan Masters Belt in 2019 at the Masters Clinic Presentations

He has competed in both National and European Championships being placed in the 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007 competitions, taking the gold medal in Weapons in 2003.

Master Allen has also competed in the World Championships,
in 2004 Florida he achieved a Silver Medal in Weapons,
in 2006 California a Gold Medal in Weapons,
in 2008 Bronze Medal in Weapons and Hyungs,
in 2010 Silver Medal in Weapons, Bronze Medals in Hyungs and Sparring.

In 2015 Master Allen was privileged to be asked by Master Khan, approved by Grandmaster Beaudoin, to take over the responsibilities of General Secretary of GB Tang Soo Do. Master Allen is also a member of the GB Championship Committee.

One of Master Allenís sayings: "Always expect the unexpected".

Master Allen's Essays:- Cho Dan Essay . E Dan Essay. Sam Dan Essay.

Master Lesley Allen

Mrs Allen started training in 1995 after spending two years on the sidelines supporting and watching other family members, she is now the Principal Instructor at Chatteris TSD, where she teaches classes on Monday and Friday, and along with her husband, instructs the classes at Cambridge & Impington TSD on Tuesdays, and the Cambridge area Advanced Class on Sundays.

Mrs Allen is a pharmacy dispenser whose main interest, after her family and home, is Tang Soo Do.

Mrs Allen attained her;
Cho Dan (1st Dan) in 1999,
E Dan (2nd Dan) in 2002,
Sam Dan (3rd Dan) in 2006,
Sah Dan (4th Dan) in 2014,
Mrs Allen was presented with her Masterís belt at the 2015 European Championships in Nottingham.

Mrs Allen is a member of the GB Championship Committee, helping to organise the GB Competitions. Since becoming an E Dan, Mrs Allen has been studying the Hyungs and Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun taking a special interest in the hidden techniques within the Hyungs. Mrs Allen is a life member of the World Ki Gong Club and has learnt the techniques to be able to teach Ki Gong classes. She also studies Yoga and Tai Chi, enabling her to bring a different concepts to the classes, and wrote her thesis on the use of Yoga poses in our Tang Soo Do warmup.

Master Allen's Essays:- Cho Dan Essay . E Dan Essay. Sam Dan Essay.