Ki Gong

Mr & Mrs Allen, the Cambridge & Impington instructors, have been learning the Ki Gong exercises, and have attended a number of Ki Gong seminars. It is Mrs Allen's intention to introduce some aspects of the Ki Gong training into our Tang Soo Do classes, and possibly look into starting a special Ki Gong session. Mr & Mrs Allen at present hold Level II certificates for Ki Gong.

At the moment the World Ki Gong Club membership is open to World Tang Soo Do Association members and their families. Membership is $15 and allows you access to the many forums on the World Ki Gong web site, where as a member you can ask questions, and other members can provide you with answers.

As we have more information available we will update this page and add further pages as required. If you have any questions about Ki Gong, or you are interested in learning the techniques in a separate session then please contact us.