Training Requirements

There are a number of requirements which a student should be aware of and abide by, however some of them are passed on from student to student and some are clearly defined in the student manual. To explain these and make sure that all students are aware we have created this page which will hopefully provide answers to most of your questions, for anything that is not clearly defined here you should ask your instructor who will find the answer for you.

Q. What time should I arrive at class?

A. This is clearly stated in the student manual, that you should arrive 15 minutes early for a class to allow time for administration and personal warm up.

Q. How often should I train?

A. As often as you are able, many people start with one lesson per week at White belt, however the guidelines are that Orange Green and Brown Belts should train twice per week, Red Belts two/three times per week, Cho Dan Bos three times per week if possible. Brown Belts and above should make sure that one of the lessons they attend is the Advanced class on Sundays, to ensure their competency with weapons according to their grade. It will not exclude you from grading, if you only attend once per week, but it will extend the length of time between gradings.

Q. When will I be able to test for my next grade

A. Gradings take place each quarter, March,June, September, and December, the details can be found in your student manual, but to clarify; White belt to Brown belt students will need to have attended 24 classes to be eligible to test for their next grade, Brown Tag to Red Tag will need to attend 60 classes to be eligible to test for their next grade, and Cho Dan Bos will require a minimum of 100 classes since their last test, and a minimum of twelve months training at Cho Dan Bo, plus a required attendance at 60/70% of the Black belt lessons held monthly. Requirements also apply to Cho Dan and above please ask your instructor for details.

Q. Can I train at another club?

A. Yes you may, provided you obtain the permission of your instructor before doing so. Permission to attend a particular class does not mean that you can then attend when you feel like it, each occasion needs to be approved, unless a specific arrangement is reached. Students should be aware that they must attend their own classes, for any extra classes to be counted towards their next promotion. There may be special circumstances where lessons are allowed to count with approval of your club instructor. Cho Dan Bo and above should be aware that they must attend two of the weekly classes for their attendance at a Black Belt lesson to be counted towards their next promotion. Cambridge & Impington students should be aware that there are classes on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, which they can attend without the need to venture to another club. Students should also be aware that on occasions training with another instructor can be counterproductive especially if the instructor teaches techniques slightly different to your own instructor. We would recommend that students below the grade of Black Belt do not train with other clubs for that reason alone.

Q. Will I need to attend the pre-test class?

A. Yes you will, if you have enough lessons and also know all the required techniques and hyungs. Students not attending the pre-test will not be put forward to test. Pre-tests will normally take place two weeks before the actual test, and may be held at a weekend rather than at a normal week night class. Students will normally be informed that they need to attend the pre-test. Remember it is your responsibility to get the required lessons, and learn the hyungs and Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun.

Q. What do I do if I cannot attend a class?

A. Always let your instructor know that you are unable to attend, either by text, phone or speaking to them at class. Please also let them know when you will be on holiday.