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We follow a structured programme of study with regular assessment stages. Click here to see the requirements for each coloured belt tag (pdf file).

Lesson format

Parents are asked to get their children to class on time between 17;15 and 17.30 and to be at class to collect them at 18.15. We will aim to teach them responsibility and would ask that you play your part in helping them to learn the value of good time-keeping.

The format of each lesson will be similar but the content of each section will change to provide a variety of activities to help keep the students focused and enjoying the classes.

5 minutes class assembly
10 minutes warm up (fitness and stretching)
10 minutes martial art orientated games and fun
10 Minutes martial art techniques
10 minutes concluding remarks and questions

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children for part of or all the class duration, subject to the following class rules:

Only parents will be allowed to watch the class, unless otherwise approved by the class instructor.

Parents must remain quiet and not get involved in the class, otherwise they will be asked to leave.

The class instructors will be in control of the class and any visitors at all times.

We want all our students to feel happy and secure in classes: in the event that a child is upset or distressed, the child’s parent/s, if present, will be allowed to console their child, provided it does not disrupt the class.

The aim of the class is to allow students to develop life skills to help them in their future. Improving their confidence is a part of that aim, and this cannot be achieved if they continually look to their parent for approval during classes. We therefore recommend that parents only stay to observe the class long enough to feel assured that their child has settled.

Each student will be required to wear a karate uniform which, is included in the initial payment, and to join the World Tang Soo Do Association which is included in the first payment of the second term.